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When it comes to scouting your own home, you have plenty of amazing choices and among them, niche single family homes are great choices for those who love privacy. However, while single pad units are great for many, modern metropolitan buyers are looking forward to condos that gives them the perfect life they are looking for. The question is, what does these condos has that the single-family units cannot give them? When you look forward to the ultra-luxurious condos at Singapore Riverside named Riviere, you will have the answers yourself. Developed by one of the most reputable developers worldwide, Frasers Property Singapore will offer these condos with their Midas touch, revealing the closely kept secrets on why more and more families are keen to live in bigger condos instead of small little units.

Busy lifestyle

Life has changed and, in most family, everybody is working and that will not change the fact going forward. It was possible for the family members to maintain their home, carry on the maintenance activities as required, but now it is difficult to take time out for all this. One never gets enough time for clearing the surroundings and even if you have to repair the faulty electric lines, you have to wait for the professionals to turn up. That may even lead to missing some working hours! Your busy lifestyle will certainly not allow you to do that.

Under such circumstances when you live in Riviere Condo, you will be able to own your private property at Jiak Kim Street, but you do not have to look after the maintenance. You do not have to be worried about the security of your home too. It will be taken care of by the security team of the condo management.

All amenities in one place

With less time in hand, homeowners will love to have all the amenities nearby and that is what riviere condo provides. Their location are mostly strategic so that people do not have to spend hours in commuting. Riviere is located at come 500 meters away from the Great World MRT station as well as Havelock Station. It is even near to the Marina Bay Financial District for those who drive, this locale makes it possible for the residents to get to any place with ease.

Apart from the day to day commuting, you get other convenient amenities too. There are a few great schools nearby. Hospitals will be in proximity, minutes away in taking care of your health. In order to rejuvenate yourself, you will get playground for your kids while you soak in the spas within the development. Your children will have fun on their own. With so many facilities in one place for the residents, it is becoming clearer and more lucrative for the modern families now.