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One of the most prestigious residential apartment in Singapore to own or rent a property is the 3 Cuscaden at Cuscaden Walk. The development is located along the Orchard road shopping belt where it housed eleven private apartments previously. The before demolished building had initially been developed with residential housing known as the Cuscaden Mansions since the mid-1990s but have been recently sold and redeveloped into the up and coming 3 Cuscaden Condo development.

Location of the 3 Cuscaden Condo

The location of the 3 Cuscaden condo is unbelievably strategic. The Wheelock Place and the Four Seasons Hotel are positioned across from it in a diagonal direction. The Orchard Boulevard and Cuscaden Walk are within close proximity. There are also numerous hospitality facilities such as huge shopping malls, expensive hotels and elegant boutiques adjacent to the residence which makes it one of the most wanted property asset by many real estate investors and individuals alike that are looking to purchase a superior home for themselves.

Exquisite amenities

The Orchard Road is one important place you cannot miss when you’re in Singapore as it offers the best hospitality vents for recreational activities such as wild shopping. The street is filled with many posh hotels, iconic shopping malls, international label boutiques and chic restaurants. It is a one stop fix, everything you are searching for in terms of entertainment and recreation is available here. It is a dream come true for the hardcore shopping consumers.

The ION orchard which is home to the ION sky is within close proximity from the 3 Cuscaden condo. When you’re at ION sky, at 218 metres from the ground level, one gets a clear view of the property from all angles including that of the top most floor, the 56th. In addition to the spectacular view of the entire region there are screens perched to display entertaining multimedia animations which will last about eleven minutes. The animations are based on a real-life story of how the area has developed from being an underprivileged town to the urban city it is today.

What makes the 3 Cuscaden unique?

This formerly run-down property building has made its way back to the real estate market as being more sophisticated and well-designed than that of before after it was sold to Sustained Land in 2017. The 3 Cuscaden condo emergence in the property market has taken the real estate scene by storm and everyone is trying to make the most appealing deal to acquire it soon. This is a golden opportunity for both the local residents and foreigners in Singapore who wanted to own such an ingenious property. The amazing thing is that you do not have to be a pure resident of Singapore to qualify, foreigners are eligible to purchase this rare and prime district freehold property as well!

Yes, you heard me right! You can purchase this property no matter where you’re from and please do not hesitate in contacting us should you require any further assistance. See you soon!