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Purchasing a home is certainly one of the major investments in everybody’s lives. Living in a self-owned house and not in a rented condo is a dream all may not be able to fulfil. Besides, affordability and feasibility of building an independent bungalow is even more difficult. People who like living in a spacious house with its own large garden is not possible in a city. You are compelled to buy a place outside the city region. For a family with working parents and children going to school or college, staying away from the city is not a convenient option. That’s where the advantage of the Kent Ridge Hill Residences comes in.

Eco-friendly quality materials

Situated on the South Buona Vista Road off the Pasir Panjang Road, these quality condos are being developed by the Oxley Spinel Private Limited. Since buying a private apartment is an investment of a lifetime and most of the buyers will apply for a home loan, so naturally, premium quality construction becomes the basic assurance that the home purchasers will look for in today’s context. The type of building materials used, and the hi-tech construction techniques involved for Kent Ridge Hill Residences is truly certified and approved by the government authorities.

The developers have been in this business trade long enough to have access to the most modern and expert teams in their midst. So, the design and construction phase will please even the fussiest buyers. The building materials used are healthy, eco-friendly and durable. The concretes will be the most appropriate for our local climate. Lightweight but sustainable construction materials, wide windows and a tasteful blend of colors are some of the biggest edge of these condominiums. The electrical fittings deployed are energy efficient labeled, so the flat owners will have to pay less in utility bills.

Healthy environment

Residing in an urban area usually means tall skyscrapers, congested residential areas and huge pollution. But the developers have taken good care to ensure that the beautiful green and healthy environment surrounds the residence. The kent ridge park surrounding the apartments within the development will be paved and specially designed so that the homeowners can proceed to jog or slow walk, and children can play in a safe and healthy environment too.

Despite being nestled in a residential zone, Kent Ridge Hill Residences by Oxley housing project is not too far a journey away from Pasir Panjang MRT Station, a great news for those who prefer not to drive in the most expensive car ownership society. This station connects widely with many major railway lines, leading individuals to our central business districts, school zones and universities. Medical facilities, pet cafes, mega entertainment zones and premium shopping areas are also within easy reach for the residents.