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You may have heard that Queenstown is a place for the elderly people and families with kids, well, that’s not entirely true. This place offers you a ton of exciting options to explore and have a look at. Even at Stirling Residence, a serene residential project, you can buy your apartment and transform it into something younger and full of positive energy. Take a look and keep reading to learn some tips and places to go from here. 

Stirling Residence – Your Perfect Apartment

With all the different apartment’s layout, beginning with one bedroom and up to five, you can reinvent the entire place and use it in a way that fills your activities and needs. If you are in the music scene, you can buy a two bedrooms apartment and build a soundproof music studio from one of those. What if you’re an artist, a painter or even a photographer? The higher floors offer a great view of the town, the green hills and the sea, the perfect place to look for inspiration.

A City to Explore

If you are of the adventurous kind of personality, you will fit in Stirling Residence very well. Queenstown is a wonderful neighborhood filled with a lot of “secret places” and things to discover, all this will mean that you can take a long walk with your loved ones to the not so popular areas of the community.

A Place Rich in Architectural Beauty

Thanks to the Urban Redevelopment Authority and the Queenstown Planning area, this place has a lot of beautiful building, gardens, rooftops, high views and parks to visit and/or take pictures of. You can bring a couple of friends and take a day out to explore the town, visit the different-themed gardens like the Japanese-themed Ridout Tea Garden or the more English-themed located at Forfar Heights. If you like the tall skyscraper heights, you can visit the Skyville@Dawson for a lovely visual experience.

A Place to Eat

Nearby the Stirling Residence, there is a lot of places to eat. From local to international delicacies, you will need to spend some time in visiting all of the places and choose your favorites. You can ask a couple of friends for breakfast and chat over a fine dining atmosphere in a nearby restaurant within walking distance. Additionally, you will only need to cross a street and you will be right in front of the Mei Ling Market and Food Centre, where it will be loaded with different options of food for the foodies.

A Place to Live. Stirling Residence

This new condo will be the place that you’ll need to revitalize your young and restless soul. If you feel like lazing around by staying near your apartment or doesn’t wish to walk too far away, you can make full use of the communal swimming pool or organize a last-minute BBQ session with friends at the grilling pits or simply having a game of tennis leisurely.

An Investment Home to Purchase

The full list of prices on all the apartment’s layout will be coming out very soon, most likely to be online in the next couple of months, stay up to date with the news and prices by registering online. We will notify you when we release the latest information about the residential project. Stirling Residence @ Stirling Road, your dream home to be.