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Buyers and developers could soon see a boost in the private condo equity funds. Singapore as a popular region for condo realty like the Amber 45 Condo building located at 45 Amber Road will likely show a significant boost as estimates have been deployed with high investment prices being invested in the real estate segment in 2017. Some $20 billion has been invested into newly developed condo projects from 2014 up to 2017. What does this mean for 2018 to 2021? Potential buyers of newly developed condo projects can see greater private equity growth at the end of 2018 throughout the year 2021. At the end of the day, the newly developed private equity fund is expected to grow well over $10 billion dollars due to comeback growth upturn in realty funds for Singapore.

What does the boost mean for developer and Amber 45 Condo buyers?

Well, one thing’s for certain, buyers of Amber 45 condo and developers will see a significant increase of equity for the development of condo buildings and residential private housing condo units. In 2017 housing prices reflected an improvement in the overall new development condo building real estate growth. Also, it is projected that between 2018 and 2021, the main recipients of capital from close-end new condo realty focused on the Singapore area will elevate in terms of elevated capital real estate growth.

The core private equity fund focused in the South East Asia region is targeted at Singapore because Singapore is a much favourable destination for developers to develop due to the high purchase power of new development condo property sites. With buyers investing in the real estate from developers, this means that there is a strong attraction of interest in properties that adds value and has opportunistic funds with relatively low yields in their investments. For developer, this pushes up the risk curve for them to achieve substantial targeted returns on the newly developed condo real estate investments.

What kind of trend is in the Singapore market?

With this new trend in the new condo development realty market throughout Singapore, the fund investment development managers possess the upgrading potential of newly developed condo sites which will ultimately capture potential buyers for their newly developed condo buildings at the height of quality property developments. With a lot of research going on to further determine the outcome of the private equity funding, research estimates that within 3 years’ time, more than $10 billion dollars will easily be invested in newly developed condo realty in Singapore. Of these opportunistic private equity funds, the potential to grow the real estate market further seems like an easy feat, making it more prosperous for both the potential buyer and developer here and in the future of the market.

Why buy in the Singapore market now?

Right now, any investment in the Singapore new development condo real estate market has and will continue to achieve the potential to capitalize on the private equity funding available for development, as well as buying properties across all boards. Core investments in the new developed condo market such as Amber 45 are viewed as less risky in the private housing sector. These funds are stabilised as of now, fully leased and secured investments in the major core realty market for Singapore condo. This brings added value to the real estate and the potential buyer of the condo market, especially with added value to targeted condo properties with a great cash flow in place, but also seek to grow their developments and improve them over time, with the mindset of taking more risk moving forward.