Our Wines


Eagle Run

A sweet, white Southern Muscadine that goes best with a "rockin chair"


Southern Eagle

An off-dry Southern Red Muscadine thats great with red meats or just a good social gathering.


Hopeulikit Red

Named after a little community just outside of Statesboro known for its dance hall. It's a sweet southern red wine made from a bold and rich muscadine.

Seasonal! Unavailable right now!


Lotts Creek

A landmark of our county, Lotts Creek is a beautiful refuge for all type of wildlife and can make for some great fishing during the summer months. We think it's a very special part of this county so we gave this very special wine its name. Our Lotts Creek wine makes for a great after dinner treat because of it rich and sweet flavor and 18% alcohol content.

Seasonal! Unavailable right now!


Blackberry / Muscadine Wine--Yum



Peach / Muscadine--Like Georgia in a Bottle



Plum / Muscadine--Just Plum Good


Semi-dry White


Semi-Sweet White


Very Sweet White


Semi-Dry Deep Red

Temporarily Unavailable!


Semi-Sweet Deep Red








Semi Dry Red